Thursday, November 17, 2016

Twelve years of blogging about El Salvador

Today is the 12th anniversary of this blog.  In that time I have written more than 2400 posts. Thanks to everyone who continues to read, comment, and share ideas for the blog.   I appreciate all the interest you show in this little country.

Looking over the tags I put on posts, these were the most common topics I have covered:

  • Crime and Violence -- 213 posts
  • Elections -- 165 posts 
  • Economy -- 135 posts
  • Migration -- 133 posts
  • Gangs -- 132 posts (probably just a subset of Crime and Violence)
  • US Relations -- 109 posts
  • History -- 102 posts

The author, on the left, at beatification ceremony for Oscar Romero


Robert said...

Tim, I lived in El Salvador for three years, ending last June. I found your blog before I moved down and continued to read it throughout my time there. You helped me understand the complexities of life for Salvadorans and how to get along in a violent country. In three years, only one minor brush with trouble on the street and hundreds of photos safely taken from all over the country. Thank you!

Tom said...

Tim, Congratulations on 12 years. I've followed you since the beginning and am always pleased by the way you report and comment on the country I've grown to love. All the best to you!