Friday, November 11, 2016

The police as viewed by the Salvadoran public

Poll results recently released by the Francisco Gavidia University in San Salvador provide insights into how people view the National Civilian Police:

  • 48% say that the police sometimes do not respect citizens' rights.
  • 35% say they have been subject to, or aware of, abuse by police.
  • The majority of Salvadorans don't reach out to police when they have been the victim of a crime.   69% would rather not go to the police because of a lack of trust or simply a belief that the perpetrators will not be captured.
  • 49% believe that the police need more education in human rights.
  • 45% of Salvadorans believe there are death squads within the ranks of the police.
  • 66% of Salvadorans disapprove of vigilante death squads. (Of course that means that one in three do not disapprove).

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