Sunday, November 20, 2016

A face lift for Cuscatlán Park

Located close to the historic center of San Salvador is Cuscatlán Park.   This  tree-filled urban park is a welcome oasis from the noise and congestion of central San Salvador.  On any given day you will see lovers embracing on park benches, scouts engaged in group activities, or an older couple strolling.   It is also home to the Monument to Memory and Truth as well as a small art museum.

But the park which opened in 1939 is showing the effects of age and a lack of care and maintenance.  The unpaved roads inside are rutted and dusty; vegetation is trampled, and sidewalks and steps have cracks and holes.  

Now the city of San Salvador and USAID are teaming up to give the venerable park an overhaul to make it a point of civic pride for the city.  The $8 million remodeling project has a goal of providing modern public spaces to promote a culture of peace.

The project will include overhead walkways, new exhibition space for art, areas for children, and improved amenities throughout.

El Diario de Hoy has some videos showing the proposed facelift for the park here.  La Prensa Grafica has diagrams of the project here.

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