Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fighting violence with job creation

The organization Bpeace has chosen El Salvador as one of the countries where it will work to reduce conflict and violence by creating jobs. (The other countries where it currently works are Rwanda and Afghanistan). The organization supports and provides business acumen to local entrepreneurs to kick start the creation of jobs. You can read about their initiative in El Salvador on the Bpeace website at this link.


Greg said...

Am sure they will be as effective as all efforts on same issue have been in Rwanda and Afghanistan.

crisfer said...

From there website, it seems that they are focused on a more middle income business...$250,000...if you have that much money in El Salvador your doing quite well. What about all the informal workers, who work hard every day, trying to earn enough to go to a decent school, get access to real credit to grow their businesses. I would like to see Bpeace B more focused on those who really need it.

Denalano said...

There is a way everyone can have an income. We are doing it here in the US and I'm getting more Latin American communities involved. These programs have been a blessing to a millions of people around the world and are here to stay. It makes sense to take advantage of these and help people earn a decent income.