Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Salvadoran bus tales

The bus, full size or micro, is the dominant mode of transport for the ordinary Salvadoran. Too often news about the buses is news of tragedy. But Linda writes in her blog about the parade of life which you see while riding the bus:

It is a wedding day. An hour before the ceremony, the bride grabs my friend Greasy and me by the hands. We run down the hillside steps to the main road to catch a micro-bus. We are off to buy the wedding cake. 15 minutes later we are there in "Mister Pan" to negotiate for a good cake. Then, big white cake in hand, we wait at the stop and flag down the bus. The ride back to the community is a little worrisome as we bump-bump our way along in a crowded micro, thinking that we are going to be really late for the wedding. With 10 minutes to spare, we are back in the community, cake in once piece, just in time for the bride to dress and have a few alterations done before the ceremony.

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