Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Day of the Doctor

A note at highlights that today, July 14, is National Doctor's Day in El Salvador. Since 1978, the country has officially used this day to acknowledge the work of its doctors.

I have met (and been cared for) by a number of Salvadoran doctors, and I salute their dedication and hard work. I would also like to commemorate the work of the many foreign doctors who dedicate time each year to come and donate services to the poor in the country.

You can read one example of the work of a Salvadoran doctor in this profile titled "A New Doctor in El Salvador" from the newsletter for Doctors for Global Health.

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Dave Palmer said...

Good article from Doctors for Global Health. My son Carlitos is also studying at ELAM. There are at least 600 Salvadoran medical students studying in Cuba, either at ELAM or in a similar program administered by ALBA. The program at ELAM is incredibly tough and demanding, but Carlitos is loving every minute of it, and I am very proud of him and his classmates.