Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fulbright fellow to study economic development projects

Driving my car last week, I heard a radio interview with Chris Halberg, a recent Marquette University graduate who won a Fulbright fellowship to conduct a study in El Salvador of the impact of certain economic development programs in rural areas. You can hear the interview and Halberg's discussion of the current situation in El Salvador at this link.

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Griselda said...

Oh, Community Development, one of my favorite courses, a lot of myths around it, but I believe healty community leads to healty ppl...

Host:"The project that you are going to be doing, are you looking to get information out anyone in particular how do you hope this is going to help, alleviate poverty in El Salvador

Christ:"In a couple of different ways, one of which it is just to provide high school kids... the first benefit is just directly to the kids to give this opportunity second possible benifit would be to disseminate this information/perspetives to other ONG'S that are working in El Salvador, the third, take this photos and compile them with some audio interviews, you would've done there produce a short documentary about the project, to really can capture the suggestions that these people have for other countries should be developed and hopefully disseminate that in the United State.

There are much to be done, in regads to COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT in Here ---El Salvador--

Hope one day I can do something in this field....