Monday, February 18, 2008

San Salvador from on high

There are a lot of beautiful sights in El Salvador including some on the heights around San Salvador. I took the picture above from the high spot south of San Salvador called Puerto del Diablo looking towards the San Salvador volcano in the distance. It was a Saturday afternoon just before sunset and this popular location was busy with Salvadorans enjoying the view and the cooler temperatures at this high point.

A few days later I was at the top of the San Salvador volcano at Parque Nacional El Boquerón where I took this picture looking down into the volcano's steep crater.

The road to the summit on the west side of the volcano has spectacular views looking out over coffee bushes towards agricultural lands below.


Ivy said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

ya I remember doing Rescate practice with Comandos de Salvamento @ Puerto del Diablo.

While up there one can look at the beauty surrounding and wonder at the same time how many bodies were thrown off via Death Squads in the 80s.

inner-self said...

is it puerto or puerta people? i think it's puerta. well, nice pictures, the boqueron amuzes me, does anyone ever go into the center at the bottom of the crater? what about all those radio anthenas you see on it? oh well.

Don said...

Nice pictures. I hope to go back soon during the dry season, because the only time we were there, it was too foggy in the highlands to see anywhere.

It's probably 'puerta', inner-self. The devil's door, not the devil's harbour.

Tim said...

It could also be "puerto" which can mean a mountain pass. There is a story which I don't know well enough to repeat about how the devil knocked the pass between the mountains at this point. What would be the definitive source to give us the answer?

Rusty said...

I hiked to the center of El Boqueron last year. Standing in the center and looking up at the giant circle nature has created is amazing. The hike is tough, and takes about five hours. As you enter the trail, seven gravestones mark the unfortunate geologists who died in the crater during the 2001 earthquakes. While we were in the crater, there was a major rockslide on one of the walls, and though it was pretty awesome to see, it was also a bit freaky.