Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sex in El Salvador

I am sure to be accused of writing this post (a) as a blatant attempt to increase my search engine hits, or (b) to show that I am willing to write about any subject so long as it mentions El Salvador. The truth is, I found comparing some recent surveys of sex lives around the world to be kind of interesting.

El Mundo recently published the results of a survey about the sex lives of more than a thousand Salvadorans from greater San Salvador. There is also a
2004 survey published by ABC Dateline regarding the sex lives of a similarly sized group of people living in the US. Finally, I came across a small article from the BBC about the sex lives of person in the United Kingdom.

For the most part, and perhaps not surprisingly, the surveys showed a great deal of consistency between Salvadorans and those in the US regarding the levels of satisfaction people report having with their sex lives, with the frequency of having sex, and other aspects of their intimate relationships.

Here are some tidbits:

Average age of losing virginity:

  • US -- 17 years
  • El Salvador -- 17 years
Average number of sex partners in life:

  • US Women -- 6
  • Salvadoran women -- 2.3
  • US Men -- 20
  • Salvadoran men -- 12.4
  • Welsh -- 13
  • UK average -- 10
(Note the ABC Study says the US averages are skewed upwards by the handful of people who have had a very large number of sexual partners)

Sexual preference:
  • Describes self as homosexual or bisexual (US study) -- 5%
  • Have engaged in a sex act with a person of the same sex (El Salvador) -- 5%
Admit to having cheated on their partner in a relationship

  • US Men -- 21%
  • Salvadoran men -- 73%
  • US Women -- 11%
  • Salvadoran women -- 27%
  • Scots -- 33%
  • Londoners -- 7%

Politics and sex

For someone reason El Mundo checked to see if fidelity varies whether you belong to ARENA or the FMLN -- it doesn't.

According to ABC, "Republicans are around 10 points more likely than Democrats to think about sex daily, to be very satisfied with their marriages and sex lives and to wear something sexy to spice things up; and less likely to say they've cheated. In a more directly political context, Republicans are less apt to say premarital sex is OK, and 20 points less likely to say homosexuality is OK for some people."

One other thing to keep in mind when reading these surveys is that they are also likely to be influenced by the willingness of people to be honest in answering questions about sex.


inner-self said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..............HA!

alassleves said...

how significant the only aspect of this survey where salvadorans surpass westeners is that regarding to dishonesty, fraud, cheat, the disposition to lie...sadly, this cancer in the family extends to all salvadoran culture, whose leaders boast that we have higher standards or moral because we are so religious compared to westeners...moral is a subject pendent by salvadorans.

El-Visitador said...


Actually, the fact that Salvadoreans self-report as being unfaithful to their couples at higher rates than other Westerners (with the exception of those debauched Scots!) is quite refreshing and points to a decent level of self-awareness.

I agree with you that I would prefer non-cheaters to cheaters, though.

- * -

As a Salvadorean male, though: 27% of women have cheated! Ouch! That hurts!

- * -

As a Salvadorean: 73% of men are cheating bastards! No wonder the country is so screwed up!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, El Salvador screwed up as a country because 73% of men in relationships are unfaithful; or because of 18 years of the implementation neoliberal, free market economic policies and now an increasinly authoritarian government closing off the political space opened by the Peace Accords? What would Dear Abby say?

alassleves said...

there's an obvious contradiction in el mundo survey: like inner-self, i ha ha HA when i read that salvadoreans losing virginity average age is 17! or reading that salvadoran women have had only 2.3 sex partners in life!! i ha ha HA to pissing reading salvadoran men average sex partners in life is 12.4!!! then this apparently conservative people, lows, or rise?, their previous standards to accept most of them cheat to their partners...only explanation i find is cheating is so highly accepted and valued that nobody wants to be considered non cheater. they say when jesus was ascending to heaven, he blessed us saying: "yo ai los dejo: que el mas vivo joda al mas pendejo."
respecting abby, i'm sure she would have in count every source of information regarding el salvador, not just left wing sources.

Anonymous said...

This article is a complete waste of time, energy and space.

anonymous said...

How can men have more sex partners than women, especially with the men having twice as many as the women admit to? Even if a small percentage of women were servicing large quantities of men, if both sides responding to the survey tell the truth, it has to come out somewhere close to even. Think about it. If you had ten men and ten women living in a house, the men said they had sex with 10 different women, but the women said they had sex with only 5 of the men, someone is lying. If a small number of women had 100 sex partners each while others had the lower rate of 6 each, when you add the 100 into the stats, it drives the average back up to somewhere even with the men. So for men to have twice as many sex partners as women, unless a significant part of that is male on male sex, or small furry animal sex, someone is lying. Cheating and lying, kind of goes hand in hand.

el twin said...

hooo god i,d better go back to my country my girlfriend must be cheating on my I just saw the numbers and it looks like they are having fun down there

Anonymous said...

Wow I just started dating a salvadoran man.. if it is that accepted I am going to have to talk to him about a monogamous relationship. Seems like fathers day there is much more confusing than I thought before.

pirugenia said...

why are Salvadorean men considered among the best lovers in the world? do they have more drive? more testosterone? is it in the food? the national attitude? or is it just the fact that they practice more and start earlier?

Meltingme said...

Salvadorean men are DEFINITELY not better lovers. They ARE CHEATERS

Unknown said...

Im married to salvadorean. He is explosive and very jealous. He is always afraid i will cheat on him. He keeps saying im cheating on him. He goes thru mt phone my emails my facebook. His family doesnt like me. He is great in bed. I love him so much. Im his 3rd wife. He is my 2nd wife. He either says Im lower than him or that he is inferior to me, as if I care about it. When he says something painful and stress me out, i wish i was at working taking care of the sick and the dying. But i think he is a cheat. I would just leave him. No problem at all. Im enjoying him while I can because I dont think it will work out.

Unknown said...

I mean he is my 2nd husband.

Unknown said...

My husband is 49 salvadorean. He has great stamina. Superb in bed. Very good looking. But explosively jealous. He is used to cheating on women in his country before. But I told him, well you may have met your match. And it scared him. I was watching his reaction. I am not latina. Not white. Not black. But i see dying people all the time and I learned. I see things in a different light. My dad said, if he were to do it over again, he would not cheat on my mom. He said this when he was dying.

Unknown said...

You have to realize salvadorean many of them are mixed with pipil indian. They got fire and stamina.

Unknown said...

You have to realize salvadorean many of them are mixed with pipil indian. They got fire and stamina.

Liz Lom said...

I just started dating a salvadoreans man he's 43 and so am I I'm also mexican american,there's a stigma about us dating sometimes it's not as bad as it was many years ago .we were both previously cheated on by our partners ,he was really hurt as was i,we always talk on how ugly and how bad it feels to be cheated on ,I really want to believe he is honest in that sense and that he wouldn't cheat on me,and that it wouldn't be so what people say that salvadorean men are all cheaters.back to the sex part this guy has stamina like I have never had serious I do too,I have met my match like this guy can fuck me for days,I have to ask him for a break because it's too much.he is so loving and actually know the meaning of making "love" I appreciate that we'll because in the 25 years of having sex with a variety of men and a few other races other than mine,he is diferent in the sense that he cares to pleasure me ,not just himself. I wonder if he has pipil Indian in him????????

Liz Lom said...

My salvadorean boyfriend, I forgot to mention has a big penis.