Saturday, April 14, 2007

2009 electoral politics

The leading parties in El Salvador are already talking about how they will choose their candidates for the next presidential election to take place in March 2009.

The right wing ARENA party announced recently that it will use internal party elections to chose a candidate. The elections will not use a secret ballot, but will consist of party members raising their hands to vote for a candidate.

Meanwhile Diario CoLatino reports that FMLN party coordinator Medardo Gonzalez confirmed that Mauricio Funes is one of the persons with a "strong possibility" of being the FMLN's presidential candidate in 2009. The other name mentioned by Gonzalez as having a strong possibility was Salvador Sánchez Cerén, secretary general of the FMLN, and deputy in the National Assembly elected from San Salvador. Gonzalez stated that the party would know the identity of its presidential candidate by the end of 2007.

Mauricio Funes is widely considered to be the best interviewer on television news in El Salvador, and the TV personality with the most credibility among the Salvadoran people. When he was fired in 2005 from his position at Channel 12, it created an international outcry. He returned to the air 3 months later on a different channel.

In the lead-up to the 2004 presidential elections, Funes let it be known publicly that his sympathies were with the FMLN and that he would consider being that party's presidential candidate under certain conditions. Ultimately the party chose to put up its traditional leader, Schafik Handal, for election that year.


Anonymous said...

Por dios, please choose Maurico Funes because he is a candidate of broader appeal than Salvador Sancez Ceren. Choosing a former guerrilla commandante as their candidate will only result in the FMLN loosing the 2009 Presidential elections.

Anonymous said...

He will be our President there is no doubt.We need a president to the whole country.

Anonymous said...

IT will be great, Mauricio Funes our president....