Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tall waves batter coast

A powerful storm in the South Pacific sent towering waves battering El Salvador's Pacific coast on Monday. According to the AP:

The waves resulted from a particularly intense low pressure system several hundred miles off New Zealand that caused hurricane force winds and rare snowfall at sea level. Masses of water were shoved eastward, creating unusually big waves when the swells hit the Americas....

At least 30 people were evacuated Monday in El Salvador, where waves up to 20 feet damaged some 20 corrugated-metal homes in Playa El Mahajual, about 15 miles west of the capital of San Salvador, said Salvador Rosales, director of civil protection. Beach huts also were lost along the coast.

Officials said waves in El Salvador had subsided to about 10 feet Tuesday.

El Diario de Hoy has a photo gallery here.

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HODAD26 said...

sorry i wasn't there to catch Zunzal BIG!!!!
I have only a few times
hey,the ocean giveth and the ocean taketh away
and for me bad for fishing, but just a few days
see you in El Salvador Friday
love those big waves....