Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The season of rains

El Salvador is nervously greeting the regular storms of the rainy season. The country is currently under a "green alert", for caution, because the soils are already saturated from previous rains and storms are predicted on Thursday. This year La Prensa Grafica has inaugurated a special section devoted to the rainy season with weather forecasts, news stories, and information on shelters and any damage which might occur. Flooding and mudslides from rains produced by Hurricane Stan in fall 2005 left thousands homeless and killed more than 70.

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tony rochman said...

Rainy season? Saturated soil? Another story about faceless, undocumented third world people dying again due to their government's lack of interest and desire to help them?? Do me a favor - right now it's nap time for Mr. Saca, and when he wakes up with a familar scent coming from his mouth of a strong, lingering perfume from some young lovely's yummy pupusa, leave him alone with all of your worries, troubles and concerns about the freakin' rainy season. Your in the jungle - what did you expect?? Please allow Mr. Saca the courtesy of repeatedly eating, napping and fornicating in peace without your needless pestering about insignificant and minor matters involving mass tragedy and death.