Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gay issues in El Salvador

Dozens of gay and lesbian protesters marched today in a Gay Pride March in San Salvador. The marchers demanded an end to discrimination and equal opportunities in employment and education. On the same day, El Salvador's Roman Catholic archbishop, Fernando Sáenz Lacalle, used his weekly press conference to urge the legislature to pass an amendment to El Salvador's constitution which would ban same sex marriages.

For some background about GLBT issues in El Salvador, you may want to read this post by Meg about Entre Amigos, a group which sponsors the Gay Pride marches and works with the GLBT population in El Salvador, or this background article.


Shortly after I wrote this post, Meg updated her own blog with a post on Salvadoran Gay Pride, which provides much more insight.


El-Visitador said...

From Meg's article: "thinking that maybe it was suppressed by the government"

I find it amazing just how many people do not get that El Salvador is a free contry.

So long as you do not break the law, you can say, think, act, live, come, go, do, not do, feel, write anything as you like.

Who exactly is going to "suppress" anybody? The ministry of suppression?

It's high time for a bunch of people to wake up and smell the coffee, and go complain about Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Cuba, North Korea, China, and other places where you do get "suppressed" if you step out of line.

HODAD26 said...

observed the parade in 03? maybe
great; excelente
they have rights also
Viva El Salvador
it was 'a hoot'
and anyway, i know-knew some of the 'street characters' that are gay
great that this is allowed in Salvador
what a crazy country.
I love it
The Best
all about 'The Heart'
Peace to all